At Supertyres Motorists Centre we have a comprehensive stock of tyres for all cars – including 4x4s and performance cars – to suit every pocket.

We use the buying power of Point S, one of the largest motoring groups in Europe, to secure the best prices, and we carry a huge range in our warehouse.

These are fitted by well-trained technicians, using the latest equipment. We also repair punctures and align and rebalance wheels.

We now offer nitrogen inflation for tyres! Motor sport and aviation professionals have been using nitrogen inflation for years. Nitrogen is completely safe and by using it in a mixture with oxygen to inflate your tyres there are many benefits;

  • Maintained tyre pressure
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Better handling and road holding
  • Increased tyre life
  • Protects the inside of wheels from corrosion
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Call us now for the latest prices on our premium brand tyres. We also offer warehouse stock at discounted prices.

  • Cars

    At Supertyres we offer a comprehensive range of car tyre brands to suit every pocket, backed up by the best trained technicians, and the most up to date equipment.

  • Vans

    All sizes of van and utility tyres stocked in most major or budget brands. Heavy duty, high mileage and best prices.

    Call us or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to get a quote for your size.

  • 4×4

    Supertyres stock and supply a huge range of 4×4 tyres in most major brands at competitive prices and premium service.

    Whether it be SUV or serious off-roading, Supertyres have what you need to keep you on and off the road.

    Call us or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to get a price for your vehicle.

  • Performance

    We have a huge stock of high-performance tyres and over the years have built up number of prestigious clients that include Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar.

    Using the very latest equipment, our experienced technicians will replace the tyres on your high-performance vehicle with care and attention to detail.

    Lovers of high performance look for tyres which offer a superior level of grip, traction and responsiveness. They are destined to be fitted to high performance and ultra high performance vehicles as well as top of the range sports and luxury vehicles.

    The ability need to deal with significantly higher temperatures and forces than the average tyre is essential and it is at these extremes that we can help you improve tyre and vehicle performance. They need to be excellent at high speeds and also to be very good on wet roads.